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Olicotone is liquid form of olive prepared for direct use as syrup or diluted in fresh cold water as soft drink.

Kehwa is prepared from dried fresh leaves of olive tree and natural additives for direct use as tea.


Olive Pickle
Pickle is prepared from processed fruit of olive tree for direct use as pickle.


Olive is precious gift of God for humanity and animals. The Holy Quran reveals its supreme value as food and other uses. The Holy Prophet advised Hazrat Ali to eat and massage of olive oil for better health, energy and maintenance of healthy skin.

It was part of food for the Holy Messenger of God.

Due to its great benefits olive is being used since centuries. 

Unique Value (Pvt) Ltd is the grower and producer of quality olive and olive products in Pakistan.  We have large farms in village chohan of district Chakwal, Pakistan. We have introduced different olive products for the first time in Pakistan. We have vast experience in the field of olive industry.

We can provide you these products at very reasonable rates. Get the benefits of olives and live a healthy life.

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Health Benefits

Protect You from Heart Disease

Promote Healthy Digestion

Ease the Symptoms of Ulcers & Gastritis 

Lower Gallstone Formation

Balance the Fatty Acids in Your Body

Uses of Olive

Olive can be used in many forms such as olive oil, olive tea (kehwa), syrup, pickle etc.



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